How to Beat the Snooze Button

The most difficult part of your training actually isn’t a single drill, play, or exercise. It isn’t trying to hit your one-rep max and it definitely isn’t taking a well-deserved water break!

The thing that most Americans (looking at you, teenagers) is waking up on time in the morning. Between school, scrolling through Instagram late at night, and powering through a hefty bag of Cheeto’s, you’re fighting an uphill battle against the alarm clock each and every morning. Luckily for you, the bad actors listed above and pretty much any other excuse to hit snooze when the well-known chimes of your iPhone blast at 6 am are easily beaten. 

As you read through this, we’re going to outline exactly how you can wake up feeling well-rested and forget that snooze even exists.

Tell the World!

  • Let your teammates, roommates, or your family know “I’m waking up at X:00am and nothing’s going to stop me. With that simple statement, you bring a well-known sports tactic into your everyday life; what we’re talking about is accountability. When you broadcast your plans to the world, people will notice if you don’t follow through. If your daily goals start off as easy as this, how hard can they really be?

Cut Out the Late Night Scrolling

  • We don’t really care whether it’s Reddit, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, 9Gag, or just falling down a rabbit hole on Wikipedia. Your phone is literally designed to keep you engaged for as long as possible. The Apple commercials about batteries outlasting the people using the phones? Absolute nonsense. You’re a machine built far more superior to your phone and you can be up until 4 am scrolling. That puts you at an immediate disadvantage. Set a time for yourself to set your alarms and not pick up the phone anymore (we suggest 10:30 pm).

Set Your Alarms

  • You know yourself better than anyone. If you need to set 5 alarms to get up, don’t be afraid to. Strategically set them, so you don’t allow yourself to fall back into a deep sleep. Make them 10-15 minutes apart and know that your goal is to turn off the following 4 after you wake up with the first one. Train yourself to expect the next alarm rather than snoozing the prior one. If you hit snooze enough, the phone won’t make any noise. Your goal shouldn’t be to set multiple alarms, but if you need to start with a few to wean down to one, you gotta do what you gotta do!


  • At some point or another, we’ve all tossed and turned at night. Stared at the ceiling for hours, counted well over 1,000 sheep, and counted backwards from 100 deep into the negatives. Your body is trying to tell you something when you can’t get comfortable. You need to get some energy out! Get out of bed and stretch your hamstrings if you’ve got restless legs. If your back is sore, stretch that out. Basically, if you can’t fall asleep, your body is winding tighter and tighter, and the only way to fix that is to stretch it out. You’ll be asleep within no time and that means you’ll be that much happier when you wake up!

Have a Wake Up Beat

  • This is one where you really need to be careful. There’s no better way to ruin a song than to associate it with something you don’t want to do. That’s just pure psychology. Pick something that you don’t love, but you also don’t hate. Your goal should be to have a song that starts off slow and quickly ramps up, letting your brain ease into the day without jolting it awake.

Eat the Right Diet

  • If you’re eating junk before bed, your body won’t know how to process the food correctly when you’re sleeping. It’s going to need to work extra hard to break down those chemicals that no one can pronounce. Try not to eat less than an hour and a half before bed so your brain can focus on one thing: getting you to sleep so you can wake up well-rested.

Bonus: Pick a Buddy

  • This is mostly a continuation of the accountability piece but rely on your friends and family. If someone needs to wake up at the same time as you, create a schedule where you wake each other up on certain days. This will make it easier on you and will create a support system where you feel like you’re letting someone down if you’re not doing your part.

These are just a few ways that you can battle that snooze button and make it easier on yourself to wake up. If you have any special tactics that you use, let us know! Shoot us a message and we’ll highlight your style of getting up, attacking your goals, and winning every day!