Recruiting Advice

Take Your Shot

For Oshane Ximines, noting was given. With his path to ODU and now on to the NFL, he was always just looking for his opportunity to take his shot.

Blue Collar Mentality

Where your from doesn’t matter. Zack Thompson of UK explains why its about the work you put in, not the area you grew up in that determines your future.

Find a Way to Win

Never let yourself or your team become complacent. Juan Thornhill of UVA football explains why you can’t have success without a winning mentality.

A Family Affair

Sports might be your world, but it can’t be the only thing that matters. Dalton Risner stopped by to explain why life is much bigger than just the game.

Life isn’t a Guarantee

Whatever obstacles you may face, just remember, nothing is guaranteed. Deebo Samuel explains why you should remember every day is a blessing.

The Discipline of Priorities

Think you have too much on your plate? Don’t tell Gary Jennings Jr. of WVU that. With discipline, he’s here to tell you anything is possible if you get your mind right.

Keeping Me Honest

The Ace for Auburn Baseball, Casey Mize explains how he stays honest with himself to make sure he is always getting better on the field.

Nothing For Granted

A lot of players feel entitled to the success because of their past, but for Joey Bart of Georgia Tech, he wants to earn his spot every day on the field.

What’s Stopping You?

Superstar defensive end for Kansas football, Dorance Armstrong explains how focusing on the obstacles instead of his goals helped him succeed.

All it Takes is a Dream

From Nigeria to Western Michigan, Chukwuma Okorafor never stopped chasing his dream of giving his family a better life, no matter what it took.