What we do

We connect youth players with current college athletes so they can receive instruction on how to get to the next level.

  • Best Way to Learn How to Play in College
  • Ability to ask for Advice from Someone Who’s Been There Before
  • Opportunity for College Athletes to Make an Income

Our Mission

We want to get you to college, plain and simple.

Our Story

We started as a group of ex-athletes that were fed up with the ways young athletes could find one on one instruction. Every guy with access to a field claimed they had the secret and they would get you recruited; as long as you paid for it.

For us, that just couldn’t be the final answer.

That’s why we set out to connect college athletes with youth players since they are where we all want to be right?

Our Difference

We are the only group that wants to connect you with current college athletes, instead of some coaching guru who “used to be good” back in the ’80’s…

Why Work with Us?

Athletes Guide is the easiest way to connect with a current college athlete who can help you improve your athletic performance and reach your goal of playing at the next level.

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